What is a Mentor?

A seasoned individual who guides you along your life journey. They share wisdom & insights, feedback, support and guidance to assist you in making decisions that will shape the course of your life.

Expectations of Rhea of Hope Mentors

  • To serve as a mentor for an underserved, at-risk adolescent or young adult for a period of one year
  • To have an ongoing relationship during this tenure that includes a face-to-face experience once per month
  • To provide a holistic mentoring experience that includes the five key areas of focus identified by the Rhea Of Hope Foundation:
    • Intellectual Prowess
    • Health and Wellness
    • Spiritual Growth
    • Psychological Well-Being
    • Economic Stability

Become a Mentor

"The passage from childhood to maturity is filled with hazard and hope."
— Patricia Heaston, PhD

Why Mentoring?

A means to support and direct girls, adolescents, and young women as they face, address, and overcome societal and developmental challenges of life.

Adolescence is:

  • A period of hope, for longevity and prosperity
  • A transitional period, as one's identity is newly emerging
  • A time filled with uncertainty, of what one can and should become
  • A time when identity formation is challenged
  • A time when decision-making is critical and complex
  • A time when positive role models are needed but not often found

Are You Ready to Become a Mentor?

Mentors can become certified volunteers of the foundation by completing the following steps:

  1. download, complete and return the pdfmentor application form
  2. agree to take and pass a criminal background check
  3. agree to support Rhea of Hope Foundation with an annual donation
  4. agree to attend and support Rhea of Hope Foundation fundraisiers

Please return your original completed pdfMentor Application Form to:

P.O. Box 9396
Aurora, IL 60598


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