Herbert J. and Elnora Rhea Community Service Award of Excellence

Rhea of Hope Foundation honorees are individuals who demonstrate outstanding volunteer leadership and commitment in addressing the social needs of adolescent girls, young women and young men. For the purpose of this award, we define volunteerism as a service performed of one's own free will, without pay, for a charitable, community or humanitarian cause.

Honorees should:

  • Have proven track record of seven (7) or more years of working on social issues and providing volunteer leadership to a social service organization.Have served as a community or corporate leader, where volunteer service included shaping the lifelong values of young adults. This includes leading, creating and/or executing programs which address the developmental, emotional, physical and/or educational needs of girls, adolescents, young women and young men.
  • Have a track record of volunteerism in programs that provide one or more of the foundation's Five-Point Focus.
      1. 1) Self Esteem, psychological growth and development;
      2. 2) Intellectual and cultural exposure;
      3. 3) Physical health and wellness;
      4. 4) Spiritual growth and development; and
      5. 5) Economic accountability and stability
    1. Have provided service through a social, civic, service or charitable organization—
    2. Be fully admitted residents or citizens of the United States—

Selection Criteria:

The primary criterion for selection of the community service awardee will be the quality, demonstrated commitment, time span and value of volunteer's service.

This includes:

  • Sustained effort in community outreach and volunteer service
  • Imaginative or innovative approaches to service
  • Serving as a role model in the community
  • Demonstrated positive impact on constituents and/or the wider community;
  • Testimonials regarding project outcomes

*Court ordered community service does not qualify for this award.

Selection Process and Requirements:

The Volunteer Awards Selection Committee will consist of Rhea of Hope Foundation volunteers, friends, business and community associates.
The foundation will respond to a request for application to be mailed via U. S. Post Office, upon written request. The selection committee will select two award winners, one from the Community sector and one from the Corporate sector. The winners will be notified by phone and mail of their selection.

It is required that all award recipients be present at our Annual Rhea of Hope Foundation Scholarship Awards Fundraiser, which is held on the first Sunday of October each year with the exception of 2017. The 2017 event will be held on Sunday, October 8, 2017, 1pm to 5pm at the Bolingbrook Golf Club, Bolingbrook, Illinois.

NOTE: The award selection committee may request and collect additional materials, written or otherwise, and may consult with any individual or entity, which in its view may be helpful in the selection process.

Applications must be submitted on or before midnight September 1, 2017

Rhea of Hope Foundation board members and their family members will not be eligible to receive this award.

Application  Please access the application here.


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